Choosing Islamic Books for Toddlers


They’re unlikely to sit and listen to the Quran – so if you want to read an Islamic story to your toddler, it’s probably best to keep it simple. Many of our Islamic books are perfect for your toddler: here’s our guide to choosing and reading Islamic picture-books!

Reading with your toddler

We must admit that reading with a toddler isn’t always a relaxing experience. You’ll have to be prepared to abandon the story halfway through for a nappy change or a snack… Toddlers like to grab pages and climb onto laps and wander off to find different toys. We’ve found the best approach is to lower your expectations. Keep a few books around and pick one up when your toddler is in the right mood. Try reading at a time when your toddler is relaxed, or build it in to the bedtime routine. Reading at bedtime is one of the best ways to unwind after a busy day – for you and your toddler!

Choosing Islamic stories for your toddler

Young children usually like stories that are bright, adventurous, and fast-paced. And we know you’d love to introduce them to some of the Quran’s most-loved tales. That’s where LaLaBooks comes in, of course. Here’s a round-up of our most toddler-friendly stories:

The Amazing Journey of Ibrahim and his Dad

At its heart, this story is about the power of prayer. It stars your child as the hero – and Dad’s there for backup, with pirates and a hungry whale providing the thrills. While young children might not grasp all of the words, the rhyming text can be read out loud in a nice rhythm. As your child gets older, they’ll understand more about the story and will definitely demand a few reruns – we know this one’s a favourite in many households!

When Zain Enters The Cave

Surah Al-Kahf is a beautiful tale from the Quran but it’s not that easy for young children to understand. This bright picture-book presents the Islamic teaching in a brand new format. Even very young children can listen along as their namesake creeps into the cave and tries to wake up the Sleepers. This book is wonderful for reading aloud. It is packed with sound effects – starting with the pitter-patter of feet in the snow, the whistling wind and drops of rain, and ending with stomping, drumming, and the noise-blaster horn! Like many of the best bedtime stories, this one ends with your little hero falling fast asleep.

Aisha Saves Eid

This fun story features a giant (favourite food: pickled child sandwiches), a wise owl, a mischievous mouse – and your child, who is tasked with saving Eid! You see, the moon has gone missing, so the hero will have to venture into the night with courage and their trusty slingshot… This is another fast-paced tale for lively story-times and you can have fun re-enacting it afterwards… what’s step 1 in making pickled children sandwiches, we wonder?